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De Brevitate Vitae

De Brevitate Vitae

De Brevitate Vitae is a song in Latin that is a popular academic commercium song in many European countrie

In many modern Western nations it is sung as an anthem at University graduation ceremonies.

The melody is inspired by a medieval hymn by Strada, bishop of Bologna in 1267.

Although this sounds very dignified, the song has been adopted by students as a form of prank and the lyrics are in fact pretty cheerful.


Rough Translation to English

Let us therefore rejoice while we are young;

After our pleasant youth, after troublesome old age

The ground will hold us.

Where are those who were in the world before us?

You may go up to the gods, you may cross into hell

If you wish to see them.

Our life is brief, it will shortly end;

Death comes quickly, cruelly snatches us;

No one is spared.

Long live the university, long live the teachers,

Long live each male student, long live each female student;

May they always flourish!

Long live all maidens, good-natured and beautiful!

Long live wives as well, tender, loveable,

Honest, hardworking.

Long live the state and those who rule it.

Long live our city, and the charity of benefactors

Which protects us here.

Let sadness perish, Let haters perish.

Let the devil perish, whoever is against the students,

And those who mock us!